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April 15, 2008

Old Photos from My Camera

While knitting on the back of my Tailored Scallops last night at Purlygirls my Denise needle cord broke. Grrr. I was going to take a picture but my camera battery is dead. I think you all know what a broken needle looks like though. Fortunately my sock yarn blanket was in the car. Just a reminder that you should always have emergency knitting in the car. You never know when you'll need it.

Since I don't have any good knitting photos to show you I thought I'd share strange, random photos that I finally uploaded from my phone to my computer.

We walked by this very sad snowman in front of a Mexican grocery store. He has a pencil jabbed into his head for an eye. I love how the Virgin Mary appears to be praying for his recovery.

I call this one "Angry Butter."

I kinneared some woman in line in front of me at SBC in the mall one day. Surprisingly it was not Madonna from the Like a Virgin video which I think would be the only reasonable explanation for this outfit.

I love how this mannequin appears to be picking a wedgie.

This is the first knitting project by the youngest member of our school knitting club.