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May 14, 2008

Competitive Bleaters

This morning I woke up when Wes started jabbing me in the arm. I knew immediately what was happening. The goats were bleating in the yard below our window. He must have thought I was talking in my sleep or something. For a few moments we lay in bed worried that the bleating would disturb the neighbors. But soon we couldn't hear goats because the other kids, our children, were running around screaming. They quieted finally too. Because our older son decided to squeeze in a little cello practice! Please people, we're trying to sleep here.

The new goats are much noisier than the other two. I never heard Obi-Wan make a sound and Obie would just bleat once or twice when I came outside. I pretended she was saying hello when I know she was really saying, "Please don't take my food." As she and Obi-Wan were being taken away yesterday they were frantically grabbing up every leaf they could reach on the way out to the van. As I clear the stripped branches the goat (both sets) run alongside me to make sure I'm not taking any of the good stuff. Don't worry, folks, there's enough to go around.

And now your daily moment of goat zen.