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May 6, 2008

I'm Not Cut Out for a Trendsetting Lifestyle

So tired. So very tired.
Our trip to LA started on Saturday morning. Wes's parents agreed to come to our house and watch the boys for the weekend. We headed to the airport nice and early. Virgin America just started flying from Seattle to LAX. I highly recommend it. They fly from a different terminal than United, who I usually fly. Not only don't you have to ride the annoying little train but there was no line at security. No line. None at all. All the on-board amenities have been much hyped. There's a little touchscreen in the seatback in front of you where you can watch satellite tv (when it's working) or pay to watch movies or "premium" tv. There are music selections. You can create your own playlist but the choices weren't that great. There were some lame games, some music videos. The one feature I liked was the Google map that shows you where the plane is and how many miles are left in the flight.

In LA we stayed with Wes's cousin, his wife and two daughters in a one bedroom apartment in Little Tokyo. There was a big birthday celebration for Wes and another filmmaker, Michael Kang. We had a big dinner in Korea Town then karaoke back in Little Tokyo. It was, just by chance, across the street from where we were staying.

Wes's film screened at the Director's Guild of America. It's a very nice venue. There was a sold out audience and a very responsive audience.

A good college friend of ours and his boyfriend made us a wonderful dinner on Sunday night. Then we got up super early on Monday morning and flew back. I got home with about 10 minutes to shower and get ready for work.

I guess I forgot to set my alarm because my older son came bursting into my room and screamed at me, "IT'S 8:34!!!! GET! UP!!!" It's a lovely way to greet the day, I can assure you.

I forgot to charge my camera battery so the only photos I took are on my phone and Wes has the cord for that at work.

In knitting news, I have a few inches done on my Merino Lace socks and I finished all the pieces to my Tailored Scallops. I just need to assemble it and knit the collar.

One funny story from the trip: I was knitting at the restaurant as people were showing up to the dinner. One woman was asking me about my knitting and I was telling her that I made a baby sweater for Mike and his girlfriend. Another guy standing nearby heard just the tail end of the conversation, looked at my socks and thinking they were the start of a baby sweater said, "Are you trying to finish it up?" Later our friend, and knitter, Kristina Wong (you may remember the article about her [.pdf] in Vogue Knitting last year), came and I was telling her the story. When I said, "Are you just trying to finish it up?" Wes said, "At that gauge? Are you kidding??"

There is so much more I'm forgetting but I'm really tired and have a lot of catching up to do.