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May 24, 2008

Long Ago FO

Pattern: Sleepy Bear in Rabbit Suit from Teddy Bears by Debbie Bliss
Notes: My son was looking in my office today and found a long lost project. I started this bear years ago--probably in 2000. I got it all finished except for the buttons and then threw it in the back of my closet. The bunny suit isn't too bad. I didn't weave in then ends properly and then snipped them too short to fix and there are some stray purl bumps on the front. The bear, however, is a Frankensteinesque nightmare, crudely hobbled together.

I don't have any idea what yarn or needles I used to create this little fellow but this morning I sewed on his buttons making him finally complete. Then I handed him off to my son who proceeded to swing him around by the ears.