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May 9, 2008

Lunchbox Swap

When I joined Oh Fransson's Lunchbox Swap I had grandiose visions of beautifully sewn, thoughtfully prepared items for my swap pattern. My first attempt came up short. I was kind of trying to wing things and it was my first time working with iron-on vinyl. I set it aside. Then I got crazy busy. Then I missed the deadline. Then I got really upset with myself and freaked out. I totally psyched myself out. So today I set aside a few hours and forced myself to finish my gift. I started from scratch and didn't use the vinyl. I pretty much used the Vintage Pillowcase Lunchbag Tutorial. I changed a few things for no good reason. It's done and I'm reasonably happy with it. I also got my buddy a blue bento set and some chocolate as an apology for being so late. I was ridiculously tense while working on this. I realized I was holding my breath a lot and my heart was racing. Crazy. Who knew a lunchbag could give me such severe performance anxiety? I'll be very happy when I get it in the mail tomorrow.