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June 19, 2008

Thursdays are for What the Hell is This?

While I admit I've had a go at Berocco more than a time or two I haven't fugged them in a long time. The quality of their patterns, while not matching my taste, has vastly improved. But the latest group of patterns has some real issues.

This hat vexes me. Is this even a real photo? Has the hat just been added to a photo of a model with photoshop? What does the hat even look like? I can see how it will appear from the top of a ladder but how about a side view?

Knitwear meets bondage. I can see the appeal of having small accessories connected so you won't lose one but why have the scarf-y thing so short you can't actually use it to warm yourself? Why all the arm wrapping? I'm confused.

This one was in the fashion show at TNNA. I should probably recuse myself because I detest anything glittery (it's in a shiny silver yarn). But the way this one moved on the model gave me the willies. The front dewlap, or perhaps udder, just flapped back and forth as the model walked down the runway. Highly unattractive.

This one, in addition to winning the "Most Unruly Edge in a Published Knitting Pattern," also gave the impression that someone was standing behind the model holding her breasts in his hands. It's styled more tastefully here but beware the strips of ribbing that cup the breasts! Beware!

Everyone has been sending me the link to this one. What can I say? I also have a lot of trouble with button placement. Next time try placing a pin to correspond to each buttonhole. Should fix this one right up.