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June 23, 2008

Wood Chips are My Life

After we decided to go ahead with sheet mulching the entire back yard we called a few local arborists about getting wood chips. Then one day two weeks ago, with no notice or warning, I came home from work with this waiting in front of my house.

That's about 10 cubic yards of wood chips which, you may notice, is taller than that sedan parked there. Wes and I have devoted a lot of time to hauling wood chips either by hand or by wheel barrow into the back yard. I have also devoted a lot of time to collecting cardboard to cover the entire yard. The people at Trader Joe's have gotten pretty used to me coming into the back and pulling everything out of the cardboard baler. We have maybe 75% of the yard covered at this point.

Quite a difference from two months ago.

Now if I could just get everyone walking by to stop making snarky or obvious comments while out there shoveling chips. The most common ones are, "Got enough chips there?" and it's more obvious variant, "That's a lot of wood chips!"

Yeah, buddy. We know.