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September 6, 2008

I Like Pi

Most of the time, if you ask my younger son a direct question, he replies, "I like pie." I always took it as a random, weird thing he did. A bastardization of Mr. Krabs on Spongebob saying, "I like money." But it turns out, perhaps by coincidence, that it is a thing people say to avoid a conversation. Is he a genius or did he learn this somewhere? We will probably never know.

Anyway, I love knitting my Pi Shawl. I've finished one skein of four so far and have not even glanced at another project since I cast on. The lace patterns were selected hastily from Barbara Walker. So far I've used English Mesh and Spider Stitch. Next up will most likely be something very simple and columnated (I had to double-check that that was really a word). Or I might go with something leafy again. I have about 8 more rounds before I have to decide.

Lace, I love you. Why have we been apart for so long?