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September 1, 2008

Quatchi Loves Hexagons

Here is my progress on the Kureyon hexagons modeled by Quatchi. He is one of the three mascots for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. We picked him up for younger son in Prince Rupert. We're all loving Quatchi.

I brought my Auburn Camp Shirt on the cruise and my hexagons as backup knitting. I knit on the shirt the first day--when we were all really queasy--and now I feel faintly ill when I think of knitting on it. Instead I got a lot done on my hexagons. I even gave them a good steam when I got home to flatten them out so I could see where I was going a little better. I've spent the last few days sitting and knitting while watching all my Elizabeth Zimmermann DVDs. I got Knitting Workshop just before I left and didn't get to watch it until I got home. The sweater I modeled my Ravelympic project on makes several appearances in the videos.

Last night I was feeling burnt out on hexagons and really wanted to start something new. After watching the DVDs I decided to start a Pi shawl. I've never knit one before. I'm using Kimmet Croft Softie Lite in a very pale blue that I got at camp last year. I'm only up to 72 stitches and still haven't decided exactly what I want to do with the areas between in increases. This is going to be fun.