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October 3, 2008

Catching Up

I've had so much to blog this week that there has been no time to blog.

On Tuesday I finished my Pi shawl and blocked it. I just spread it out and smoothed it with my hands.

I think I'm still a little scared of pins after the whole Hemlock Ring disaster. It's dry now but too dark and cloudy for photos.

I also soaked the Hemlock Ring three times to try to get out the vinegar and the rust. I managed to get the vinegar scent out but the edges are still rusty and it snapped back to it's shrunken size and I'm not willing to wrestle with it anymore or to put any pins in it. What a nightmare.

I have two new completed quilt tops that I haven't been able to take pictures of because of the already mentioned gray darkness.

I saw Lucy Neatby at the Knitters Guild on Wednesday. She is always so funny and charming.

I had my second weaving class today. A few people asked about where to rent a loom. This rental is part of the class. Last week we warped. This week we started weaving.

Please ignore the extreme wonkiness. This is perle cotton in a variety of patterns. There are more to finish before my next class.

I've been working on my Auburn Camp Shirt since getting the Pi off the needles. I'm past the armhole on the first front. I'm still sick of it and am trying to decide what to work on next.

I have spinning tonight at the shop and an all-day spin-in at Weaving Works tomorrow. I spent Tuesday night at home and got a lot of spinning done instead of knitting. I just don't think to pull out my wheel when I'm at home. Knitting is just so much easier to drag around the house.

Tonight I'll be posting the next Doubleknit podcast.

Got to run!