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October 26, 2008

The Start of Startitis

After finishing the baby sweater I started thinking about what else I could knit from my giant bin of handspun. I originally thought I would use this yarn for socks but it occurred to me that it would make a pretty cool Argosy scarf. I tried a few different needle sizes and finally settled on one that I fear might end up being too big. Not sure yet.

I'm also sampling for a weaving project. This is some mystery skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts something-or-other and perle cotton. I don't have a lot of the mystery yarn so I warped in stripes with the cotton and will only use the cotton for weft. I wanted to do an easy pattern. I started with plain weave. Okay, but boring. I tried twill. Okay, but you can't see the warp. So now I'm doing a warp-faced twill. I like it.