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November 2, 2008

Hola Amigos

That's what my younger son said to me when I got home.

What a great week.

We stopped at FOUR yarn shops on the way to the retreat. The first was The Artful Ewe. I gave in and splurged on 3 ounces of hand-dyed angora top. I was a little anxious about how well I could spin it but it was so easy to work with. I was able to spin and ply the whole thing during the retreat.I ended up with about 210 yards of sport/dk yarn. It's really soft and lovely. I'm very pleased.

I finished the baby dress. Then I realized that you shouldn't do centimeters to inches conversions in my head at 2 am. The dress is several inches shorter than it should be. I can't decide between ripping out the last 15 rows and bind off and reknitting or cutting them off and grafting them back on later.

I worked a lot on my hexagon blanket. It's getting bigger and more blankety.

I bought a lot of yarn at the stash sale.

I bought a lot of books and magazines at the stash sale.

I had a wonderful time. Next year I'm going for a full week!