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November 24, 2008

It's Gone Now, You're Safe

The super red and super blue yarn is all used up. When I handed my son his hat he slipped it on his head and asked, "Is this a set?" Yes, dear, it's a set. A set that nearly blinds all who gaze upon it.

On the plus side he is actually wearing the sweater. He has worn it every day since I finished it. He kind of views it as outdoor-wear so he puts it on when he's going out. This morning when I came down to breakfast he was wearing it! And he's wearing the mittens too. He probably would have worn the hat to school today too if I had woven in the ends on time.

I'm so excited about this that I want to make him another sweater. I almost asked him a few times but held myself back. If he's still wearing the sweater all the time in a few weeks I'll check with him about a second one.

Now I'm back to finishing up some projects. My socks have just an inch to go before the toe. My baby dress is packed to take to knitting tonight. If I have a good night of knitting I might complete them both.