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November 8, 2008

My World is Green (Except for the Scarf)

My first scarf is off the loom. It's got some issues. I do love the colors though. I need to get started ASAP on my next and final class project.

100% angora handspun from a hand-dyed roving purchased at The Artful Ewe. It was a pleasure to spin. I'm happy with my plying. Now I need to wash it and beat it up a bit to full it and fluff it up.

Evening Stockings for a Young Lady. The first one kind of dragged on. The second one is knitting up really quickly. I will have loads of yarn left and am thinking up something fun to do with it.

My younger son has been begging me to make a Cthulhu doll for him for months. Finally got started this afternoon.

Would you say I'm in a green phase?