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December 21, 2008

Snow End in Sight

Snowpocalypse '08 rages on. Now in most cities snow falls and people come along and clean it up. In Seattle snow falls and we stand around waiting for it to melt. Well folks, it's not melting. And I work in retail and there are no snow days in retail. In fact today I had to go to work because several co-workers felt they were not able to come in.

Morning snow

It started snowing the moment I got to work.

Phinney Ridge just as it started to snow again

It snowed all day and still has not stopped!

Night snow

It's supposed to keep snowing through the night. Fortunately--or unfortunately--if I am unable to drive to work I can walk. It's a long walk and pretty much all uphill but I can do it if necessary. My car handles pretty well in snow and I drive pretty carefully and cautiously. I'm still not looking forward to tomorrow's commute.

The fingerless gloves are kind of mostly done. I need to rework the fingers. But I tossed them aside to work on a few small gifts. (I won't put any pictures here so as not to spoil any surprises but you can look my projects on Ravlery if you're curious).

Wes and I made a run to the grocery store last night for a few essentials and spotted some knitting on the wine aisle.

I hope it doesn't seem like I'm complaining. I love the snow. I just went out and shoveled just to spend some time listening to it fall. The city is sooooo quiet these last few days. It's wonderful.