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January 11, 2009


Pattern: #11 Forestry (Old Penny Cardigan)by Veronik Avery from Vogue Knitting Fall '08
Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool Solids
Needles: US3, 4, 6 and 7 Addi Turbos
Notes: This pattern is a mess. Errors I found included this found on Ravelry, "Under ‘Left Front” the instructions on “next row (WS)” following the next (dec) row after the ribbing should read: P3, K2, work row 1 of Right Coin Cable……. As published, the instructions leave out the K2, which places the coin cables in the wrong place on top of the ribbing and doesn’t separate them from the right twist." Also the number of sts to bind off at the sleeve caps is incorrect. I knit this in the round instead of pieces so I used EPS to guide me on the number of sleeve sts to set aside. The number in the pattern is far too few. The collar is totally wrong. It doesn't tell you to use the smaller needles used on the other ribbings. I opted for a smaller needle but not quite as small (4 instead of 3). The placement of the increases is, I believe, incorrect. The placement of the short rows is incorrect. I had to guess where exactly they were supposed to go. I placed them on the outside of the markers instead of the inside. Now that I muddled through I'm noticing from the photos that I must have done something different from the original.

The final blow this sweater has delivered is that it is probably a bit too small. I went for negative ease because I prefer to wear cardigans open in the front. I still need to give this a good soak and blocking so it may be all right. I may need to tack down the collar too because as it it's threatening to roll.

I feel I can now say that Vogue patterns suck. Putting aside the much loathed "Right front: Work as for left front reversing all shaping" which I've never seen in an IK pattern the amount of errors is really awful. I couldn't find any errata on Vogue's site for this pattern but the amount there is pretty staggering. 22 of the 37 patterns have published errata which doesn't include this sweater. That's over 60% of the patterns with published errata. The previous issue has errata on 48% of the patterns. For comparison, IK's fall issue has errata on one pattern. And the previous issue has errata on three patterns.