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February 21, 2009

I Have Created a Monster or How We Ruined Our Lives

We have had the same tv for 14 years. We inherited it after my dad died. We finally decided to replace it as a Christmas/Hannukah/Valentine's Day gift to one another. When it arrived Wes discovered that we now get about 8 million channels (we don't have cable) including some basic cable channels. But our very old ReplayTV which has terrible recording quality can't "see" any of those new channels. So we got Tivo.

And now our life is over. We don't record that many more shows than we used to but somehow it seems that we are constantly feeling like we have to watch what's on there so there's room so we don't miss something else. It's a little nutty.

I had seen two episodes of this season's Top Chef on Hulu before we got the tv. I asked Wes to record it. He's watched three episodes with me and he is completely hooked. I just logged on to Facebook to see that he has joined at least two "Carla better win Top Chef" groups. When the man falls, he falls hard.

Excuse me, I better go watch some tv...