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February 22, 2009

No Spoilers!

I'm pretending that the Oscars aren't happening yet and trying to avoid any news about it until I can sit down and watch.

Today several Purlygirls had a field trip to Bainbridge. Jeanne, Katie, Sasha, Sharon, Molly and I all headed over. We had a very nice lunch (things were pretty bustling because of the Chilly Hilly bike race). There were cyclists everywhere. We stopped by Esther's to peruse the fabric. Finally we made our way to Churchmouse where they were having a little kick-off reception for their customer show. They are featuring the Fair Isle Yoke sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann. They even had a sample fair isle vest knit by Elizabeth on loan from Meg Swansen. Molly and I each dropped off a sweater for the show. Sharon is still too in love with hers to leave it behind. It's too bad. I would have voted for it. We also stopped at Mora for treats. A truly lovely way to pass the day.

In NaKniSweMoDo news, I have all the parts of the Asymmetrical Cardi complete and need to muster up the enthusiasm to tackle the finishing. In the meantime, as I already mentioned, I pulled out the Auburn Camp Shirt. The reason I couldn't just drop down and fix my mistake was that the hem is knitted in. I needed to drop down below that hemline so I had to rip back to just before the joining row then I could drop down and fix. Then I joined it back up and starting knitting. I panicked and thought I had actually done the fix all wrong but I think I'm on track now. That corner is looking pretty rough now but I hope I can clean it all up later.

Next up besides the Camp Shirt and the GLMC will be Bountiful Bohus by Chrissy Gardiner. I got some Cascade 220 in Vandyke Brown* and will use leftover gray and ecru from my Granny Smith FI**. I also got an idea during Madrona for another project. I hope to make an Adult Surprise Jacket with my own handspun. I have many, many small skeins of heavy worsted to bulky weight handspun. I thought it would be fun to throw them all together in a Surprise Jacket.

Okay, off to watch the Oscars.

*We were just discussing today the fact that Cascade names all the colors of C220 but doesn't make the names available anywhere but on the packing slip when yarn is delivered.

**I wore it to the show but couldn't part with it and the gray sweater.