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February 24, 2009

They Keep Going and Going and ...

Over the last several days I've been plying the merino singles I've been spinning for several months. The spinning was taking forever and I finally decided to start plying before finishing all the roving. I never do this. When I spin I always spin the singles then ply. But I couldn't take it anymore. I had to see that I was making actual yarn and not just filling bobbins with fiber. For some reason I think of finishing the singles as being "done" with a spinning project. I think the plying will take no time at all. Like binding off a knitting project. But it takes a really long time. I've spent time over three days plying this skein of yarn. Three days!

And it's only 330 yards! How is that possible? I also tried my darndest to overply this yarn. I was aiming for a tight twist. I checked frequently and thought I was getting the result I wanted but once the yarn came off the wheel I found it much more loosely plied than I thought. I will probably end up running it back through the wheel to add more plying twist.

Speaking of projects that go on forever, I worked on my Auburn Camp Shirt last night. (After I tired of all the sewing on the Asymmetrical Cardigan. Only a few hours left on that one.) I realized well into the night that I had been measuring from the wrong place for the shaping and ended up ripping out another inch of knitting. I reknit until late last night (this time with the shaping in the right place) and have "caught up" to where I ripped. For those keeping score, I have the back and one front complete and this part is the second front. I will finish this sweater, damn it. I will.

I'll end with a crappy picture of my sweater, among others, hanging in the window at Churchmouse.