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March 21, 2009

I Love You, Sleeve

I picked up my barely-started sleeve for Bountiful Bohus yesterday and took it out with me. I knit on it on and off during the day. Wes and I were planning on going to the movies* and I realized if I could get past the cable rib I could knit the plain part of the sleeve at the theater. When I got home from the movie I was magically exactly where I needed to be to start the increases. I worked on the increases when I got home and now they're all done.

After the creeping pace of the ACS this feel nothing less than miraculous.

I also started Diminishing Ribs from the latest IK. I'm using Cotton Angora from my frogged Mia cardigan. I swatched and got gauge but I'm worried that my ribbing will get a lot looser as I knit. I may just switch needles on the fly.

*We saw I Love You, Man and it was hilarious. It's not (entirely) the infantile, gross out comedy the ads make it seem. It is a little but mostly it's a very funny look at male relationships. It cuts very close to the bone. Possibly too close for Wes who discovered that he and the main character share a bit more in common that he was comfortable with.