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April 3, 2009

About That Knitting

I've been knitting away on my three sweater projects (Three? Seriously? Am I nuts?). Diminishing Ribs is going great guns now. I didn't take it to Vancouver with me because I thought all the fluttering tufts of angora would drive Wes insane in the car. I also didn't want to be so coated in angora that I appeared flocked. Instead I cast on for the body of my Bountiful Bohus. I got a whole whack done on that, as they say in Canada.

Here's Diminishing Ribs too.

I had a request on Ravelry to get some updated photos of the GLMC up.

In this shot you can see the front bands done Purl When You Can and the steek.

In this one you can see the line for the center back where the pattern is mirrored.

In other news our new sleeper sofa was delivered today. But it is too big to fit up our staircase despite our best efforts to measure!

It's like a furniture traffic jam in the living room now. That old loveseat that Isabella tore up and the old peach chair are going to be leaving. Very soon, I hope.