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May 10, 2009

That is Lame

We were driving home from Mother's Day brunch and talking about comic book superheroes (as we always do). I confuse the Green Hornet and the Green Lantern. Sacrilege, I know. My older son was setting me straight about the Green Lantern. He was telling me about his ring and then said that his weakness is the color yellow, which he pointed out was kind of lame. He then began to enact scenarios when being the Green Lantern would not work out.

"Oh no, there's mustard on my hot dog!"

Younger son joined in.

"Ah! Lemonade!"

"Arg, a smiley face!"

"Oh my god, baby chicks!"

"Not a pencil!"

At this point they had to stop because we were all laughing so hard no one could breathe. But it makes you wonder, how did the Green Lantern ever accomplish anything?