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May 28, 2009

Thursdays are for What the Hell is This?

Here's a little something for your Kitten with a Whip days.

Except the "whip" is a real whip, not a metaphor. Because it is just so darned hard to find a good sweater pattern to go with a whip.

And when you want to be naked but still wearing a sweater you just remove the part around your waist.

Dear God, is the top actually just strips of blue knitting wrapped over a black bra?)

This poor sad mannequin-woman has been impaled on chop sticks.

Poor, poor, sad mannequin-woman.

How to take a reasonable looking shell and make it crazy. Add cuffs.

And then add cuffs for those cuffs. And then add more cuffs!

Cuffs for everyone! You get a cuff! And you get a cuff! And you get a cuff!*

*Apologies to Oprah.