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June 16, 2009


slea·zi·er , slea·zi·est

1. Shabby, dirty, and vulgar; tawdry: "sleazy storefronts with torn industrial carpeting and dirt on the walls" (Seattle Weekly).
2. Dishonest or corrupt; disreputable: Some sleazy characters hang around casinos.
2. Made of low-quality materials; cheap or shoddy.
3. Thin and loosely woven; flimsy: The coat has a sleazy lining.

I leave for Japan on Sunday. Part of my prep is figuring out what knitting to bring. I began swatching some Knitpicks Shadow I got as a door prize at the Knitters Guild in December for the Featherweight Cardigan.

I get that this is supposed to be open and drapey but there is no way I'm knitting myself a sweater with this yarn at this gauge. There's open and then there's open. So once again I'm at a loss. Should I start a new sweater to bring with me? Maybe Coraline? I tried on Ysolda's version at TNNA. While it was far too small for me I could see that it would be a good sweater for me (in my own size). But lugging a whole sweater's worth of yarn to Japan? Is that a good plan? I also considered just taking a big bag of oddballs and making hats for charity. No patterns to follow, just knit. But again, that's a lot of yarn to lug around. A decision needs to be made. And soon.