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July 7, 2009

Someone Needs to Get Pregnant Right Now

Because this sweater is so cute I'm about to have fits. And how gorgeous is this little girl? Ooo, maybe I should February Lady Sweater it? Hmmm. Interesting.

So very little knitting talk on this blog lately, huh? Hang on. I'm going to take some pictures.

Okay, I finished the fronts on Georgie. I've knit just a few rows on the sleeves.

Everyone stops me to look at this sweater. The cables and the yarn and the color all really like each other.

I got to knitting last night and reached into my bag and pulled out...huh??

My sock yarn scrap blanket. I had brought this to the movies on Sunday night. Can you tell I normally knit it in the dark? I meant to bring the GLMC which is much-neglected and will most certainly not be ready for camp.

Coraline is at the "just started" stage. I've knit the hem to the body and am now in the beginning of a long stretch of stockinette.

I love the Cascade Pure Alpaca. It's so soft and floppy.

And just because I had my camera out, here is the yarn I bought at Sheep Meadow in Kichijoji.

No idea what it is or how much is there in yards. I know it's 220 grams and was told it was "summer wool." Which I think is code for "cotton blend."

In crappier news, Older son has a staph infection. We were slow to realize it because he has eczema and it's not unusual, especially when it's hot, to get a raw spot somewhere. In Japan he developed a bad spot between his fingers and I treated it like eczema. When it spread over his entire finger we got alarmed and took him to the emergencey room. In the meantime he sprouted new sores in other places. He's on antibiotics now and is feeling completely fine. Please DO NOT leave me any comments about infection horror stories or other gross medical stuff because I will have a total breakdown. Just think non-infected thoughts for him and the rest of us while I go wash my hands again and try to remember not to touch my face.