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July 14, 2009

Time to Panic Pack Again

I leave for knitting camp tomorrow. Tomorrow! I haven't even unpacked from Japan. I just pulled all the stuff out of my suitcase and stuck it all in a shopping bag and started packing for Wisconsin.

I've got
  • Clothes (did not forget pajamas this year)
  • All my circular needles
  • Graph paper and pencils
  • GLMC (so bummed this is not even close to done)
  • Georgie's sleeves
  • Baby hat knitting stuff*
  • Book, DVDs, iPod
I don't know what to bring for Show & Tell. I threw my Pi shawl in the suitcase since I got the yarn at camp last year. This is where I start to panic again but must remind myself that Marshfield, Wisconsin has a Target.

See you all next week!

*A friend is giving birth to triplets(!) in the next few weeks. I'm making a trio of baby hats from a '04 IK in Smooshy.