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September 25, 2009

Vogue 360 As Viewed by Me

I wrote down my reactions as I watched the 360 for the Vogue Holiday issue.

Unfortunate fit and colors
Basic and cute
Dolman? Nooooooo! Intarsia? Nooooo!
Traditional and gorgeous
Cute fair isle but is this knit in pieces? Those raglans look really messy
The fur hood must die but otherwise a really nice sweater
Hate the neckline
Think big? No thanks.
Really, no thanks
Uh, no.
The fit on the shoulders and the bulk at the hem are terrible. And what is that flower hiding?
I don't do batwing
Super busy. Not sure the shaping really works
Pretty. Don't like the way the texture stitch on the bottom distorts over model's hips. Cashmere sweater requires bank loan.
I like the side and the back view but the bottom front is weird. Curious about construction.
Hello humongous sleeves. What's happening at the shoulder?
oh no no no.
I never like this style top. I do like the details on this. The tiny collar and increases.
Nice cabled top
Shape is awkward. Too wide overall. Wants to fall off model's shoulders and too baggy across the bottom back
Lots of great texture. Better shape. Nice neckline
Lovely lace beret.
These look really fun to knit but I would never wear them. For all the Twilight fans on your holiday list?
It's like Norah Gaughn and Nicky Epstein had a lovechild. Covered in bobbles
Yummy cashmere lace socks
This looks like a total PITA to knit
Not as ugly as I expected from the thumbnail. I actually like the shape. Hate the yarn choice. What are those medallions all over it?
OMG. What is up with that neckline?

Did you opinions change after seeing more of these designs?