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October 23, 2009

Going Out with a Whimper

My NaKniSweMoDo is over. I finished the Featherweight Cardigan last night. I knit the sleeves as long as I could. Then I ripped out the bind off on the edging and did it again. I looked at Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off then went to watch Project Runway and ended up doing something sort of made up. It's stretchy though. I'm blocking the sweater right now and must face up to two problems. One, it's short. There's not much I can do about that since I had a very limited amount of yarn to work with. I could rip out the edging, rip out a lot of the sleeves, add to the body and reknit the edging. But I don't think I will. The other issue is that I needed to pick up more stitches for the edging. I don't have the energy or enthusiasm to rip out the whole edging and reknit it. Plus it will end up narrower and I'm only just barely satisfied with the width. So this isn't how I wanted to end this challenge. It also reminds me that I wanted to redo the collar on Forestry from way back in January. I haven't worn it once. I have plenty of yarn for that one to get a deeper collar.

So now what do I do? NaKniSweMoDo has made me so sweater-centric that last night when I considered casting on for a hat I thought, "Only a hat? Eh." I need to take a hard look at my queue and do some evaluating.