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October 12, 2009

Mount Corriedale

I dyed my Corriedale on Friday. As always I worried I was using too much dye when I, in fact, I wasn't using quite enough.

It's not quite as light as it appears in this photo. The flash kind of washed it out. I did manage not to make a mess of the roving. It's still fluffy like a cloud. I can not wait to spin it.

Speaking of spinning, I went to an all day spin in on Saturday. I finally finished some camel/merino that I've been working on for months. I bought it years ago at Madrona and never spun it up because I thought I'd ruin it. I managed to keep the yarn pretty soft without being underspun but the diameter is all over the place. I chalk that up to spinning it over a period of months. It was such a pleasure to spend that time at my wheel. I really want to spend more time spinning.