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November 7, 2009

Weather and WIPs

The weather here is grim.

Nothing but rainy miserable darkness and the 10-day forecast shows no change. It makes taking photos really difficult.

Since coming back from the retreat I've been working on the border of my hexagon blanket. I have it on four circular needles ranging from 24 to 47 inches. I just knit the stitches off one end of a needle on to its other end. Like the two circular method but amplified. I have about 50 grams of the Kureyon and the Lana Loft combined. I thought I would get another skein of Lana Loft and make the border deep but I'm getting to that "I just want it done" point and, well, I just want it done.

I finished Damson last night. The second skein made my hands even bluer than the first. I immediately set it to soak in a vinegar bath. This morning the water was perfectly clear. I pulled the shawl out and rubbed it on my hands and got all blue. Now I have a pot of water on the stove with lots of Dawn dishsoap and vinegar in it. I'm going to give this a good, hot wash and hope that deals with this crocking.