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December 18, 2009

A Tale of Two Veylas

With Ulmus finally done I thought I'd do a few small projects to see me through the end of the year. I've had Veyla by Ysolda Teague in my Ravelry queue since the day it was released and it seemed perfect to use up the leftover Twinkle Toes from the shawl. On Monday I started the first one, knit the lace, decided the small length was long enough for my wrist and knit the hand. It came off the needles (minus the thumb) and I was immediately disappointed.

Yuck, right? I looked at other pretty versions of Veyla on Ravelry and decided that I had a few issues with mine. 1) It's too small for me. 2) I should have stopped when I finished the lace cuff and blocked it. 3) My yarn is a bit thin for this pattern. The originals are knit in Canopy Fingering (purrrrr...) which has a pretty substantial fluff-factor. Twinkle Toes is merino and tencel. It has shine and drape but zero fluff. So I tossed this ugly aside and knit the left cuff and blocked it. Still no fluff but, oh, what a difference!

Hello, pretty, leafy lace.

While the cuff was drying I searched my Ravelry queue which, at nine pages, is totally out of hand. I came across Sheldon which I've wanted to knit for ages. I have some leftover Cotton Classic from my Psychedelic Squares. I knit up to the point where you put on the safety eyes.

And now I have to wait until my safety eyes arrive.

What to start next?

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