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January 6, 2010

More on Plasti-Dip

I just got a great tip on using Plasti-dip to coat slipper bottoms that I wanted to share with you. Kathleen Taylor, the author of The Big Book of Socks, Knit One, Felt Too and I Heart Felt, wrote "There's nothing wrong with your sole coatings (sounds like a poem, right?), but if you wrap masking tape around the slipper where the sole would meet the upper if it was a regular shoe, and then pounce the plasti-dip on with a makeup sponge in a couple of thin layers, you'll have a nice even line for your non-stick soles." So simple a solution.

And Kim wrote, "Great idea from kathleen about putting on the plasti-dip. I've never heard of that stuff before. So, where in the hardware store, would I find it?"

Plasti-Dip is sold as a coating for tool handles. It comes in several colors but our store only had black and...some other color I can't remember. You can order it online too. It smells pretty awful. You should work in a well-ventilated area when you use it. Plus it's pretty stinky while it's drying. Once dry it's not bad at all.