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March 14, 2010

Swag Bag to Beat All Swag Bags

I am attending the Yarn Market News Conference which is being held in Seattle for the first time. The swag bag is legendary and we yarn shop owners and managers are pretty inured to the charms of free yarn.

A free Namaste Monroe bag in Eggplant (you could pick your style and color).

Packed with all this stuff!

There's too much stuff to list here but needles, yarn, books, patterns, gift items, wool wash and more bags inside!

I should be pretty busy for the next two days. Not that I'm doing any knitting. I have a new quilt on my "design wall" or piece of felt. It's the Santorini samples I bought last weekend mixed with a few other yarns. The blocks are from Color Shuffle that I mentioned in this post. All of these are cut from stacks of four fabrics then shuffled and reassembled. Very quick to put together as you can see.