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April 7, 2010

The Bad Boyfriend

If you've seen me in the last week I apologize. You'll have heard this already.

Before leaving on vacation I got the greenlight to start knitting again from my OT. 15 minutes at a time, then rest for 2-3 hours. Add 5 minutes each day if there is no pain. I was so happy to get this news and yet...I haven't been knitting that much. Knitting is now like a bad boyfriend to me. I love it but it hurt me a lot. Can I trust it again?

Over the course of my vacation I built up to 45 minutes of knitting with no pain. Then on Monday at Purlygirls I kind of wasn't keeping track of the time as well as I should have. Add to that using a computer all day which I did not do while on vacation. Tuesday mid-morning I started to have pain in my thumb and wrist again. Not a lot but something and it has me very scared and sad. To top it all off the sweater I started for vacation, Lloie's Cardigan, was coming out too large so I ripped out the first three or four inches. Now it's too small. I will have to rip it out again. This is very hard since it took me a week to do what I would normally accomplish in a day.

I did find something fibery while at Disneyland. Spinning wheels in Sleeping Beauty's Enchanted Castle!

It was moving and under glass so it was hard to get a decent shot with my phone.