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May 31, 2010

Mud-Soaked No More

After all that complaining about the mud and filth, we have solved the problem (we hope). We paid some nice men to come and blow 30 cubic yards of cedar chips into our yard. Yes, it smells like a giant (clean) hamster cage but not muddy or dusty.

Before the yard looked like this.

You can see all the bits of cardboard coming up from our massive sheet mulching a few years ago.

Here, Isabella shows how bare and dusty things were while having a staring contest with a rock.

Things were shoddy. George was not impressed.

But now, cedar-y goodness!

We are really hoping this keeps the mud and dust in the yard.


Sarah said...

Lovely cedar landscaping. But even better is the picture of Bella staring at the rock! It cracks me up.

cherylc said...

That dog needs to eat a sandwich. But your backyard looks great. :)