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May 4, 2010

Please Stand By

I'm on jury duty. Today is day two and I don't know how long this will last.
I did finish a long-languishing project yesterday but it will be a while before I can weave in ends and snap a photo. I was able to get my knitting into the jury room with bamboo needles. I packed a crochet project with a plastic hook too. Just in case.

Today is Wes's 42nd birthday so please wish him a happy one since I will be sitting in a windowless room in some wretched municipal building.


Unknown said...

Oh. I had that last week. No knitting needles allowed in our courthouse though. Miserable. At least be thankful you can have your knitting. Good luck.

Elizabeth M said...

I did that last month, was on 3 panels in two days and in the final panel was chosen as a juror for a two-week trial. It was an interesting experience being on a jury...but there was a lot of waiting around. Good luck!

Barbara said...

Happy Birthday, Wes! I loved my 40s best so far. (I would have posted on those links but it was too hard and confusing [not very techy middle aged woman here]) I only know how to blog.

Zeila said...

I'm being called in for municipal court in June. I'm glad to hear you could get the bamboos in. It gives me hope.