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June 20, 2010

Hey, Hey, Hey!

We all went to see Bill Cosby perform at Benaroya Hall tonight. We'd never seen him perform live and figured the chance of seeing him again were slim. The performance was really hilarious and wonderful, like spending time with an old friend.

On the way to the theater Younger Son asked, "What does Bill Cosby look like now?"
Older son replied, "Like Nelson Mandela. But funnier."


Liz T. said...

Excellent! I saw him 25 years ago when I lived on the East Coast. I grew up listening to Bill Cosby albums over and over and over so it was very meaningful to me. :)

Barbara said...

Oh, I hope he did "Noah" for you. We had an album that we listened to again and again as kids and that one always slayed me. "What's an ark?" I'm sitting here in the dive shop giggling just typing it. Thanks for the perk up of what started out as a crummy day.