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June 1, 2010

Making Errands Fun

I wish I had seen this full set of Sesame Street Envirosax before last week. I bought the Oscar bag and I love it. It's huge and holds a ton of stuff. Plus it makes me smile. And, according to the official Sesame Street Twitter-stream, today is Oscar's birthday!


Amy said...

That's awesome. Some of my co-workers used to call me "Ms. Grouchy." (Yeah, I know, nothing to brag about.) Still, having one of those bags back in the day would have been cool. :)

Chris said...

Thanks a lot!
I just bought a set of them from your link. I hope you get 'commission'.
Way too adorable for words. I justified by saying I'll use them for gifts, but realisticly, I'm not going to be willing to part with any of them. Too adorable.