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June 18, 2010

TNNA Part 2

Saturday is the first day the show is open. There are 15 or so aisles of booth to check out. I'm always looking for something new and interesting. Sometimes it's a new vendor; sometimes it's a known vendor with new products. I had to skip a lot of booths on my first pass because they were swamped. Madelinetosh has two (maybe three booths) this year. Last year they had just one little booth. It was absolutely packed.

Random stuff that I saw that I'm excited about (but did not necessarily buy):
  • Bijou Basin has teamed with Lorna's Laces to create their first dyed yarns. Up to now they've only sold naturally colored yak yarns.
  • Swans Island had the most gorgeous organic merino yarn that is naturally dyed. It felt divine and the colors were lovely. However, at $30/220 yard skein of worsted, I don't think it's viable in my shop.
  • Imperial Stock Ranch has a great story. They also have fabulous yarn that has an undefinable wonderfulness to it. The Columbia 2-ply is minimally processed and spun on an 1860s mule spinner. It's plump, robust and has loads of character but is still wonderfully soft. I can't wait for this yarn to arrive at the shop.
  • Books, books, books! So many great new books are coming this summer and fall. Cookie A's long-awaited Knit. Sock. Love. is due out in November, New England Knits from Cecily Glowik MacDonald* and Melissa LaBarre comes out next month, The Ohio Knitting Mills Knitting Book: 26 Patterns Celebrating Four Decades of American Sweater Style is full of retro-fabulous designs, More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts is bound to be a monster hit, Miriam Felton's Twist and Knit will be available soon. There are many, many other titles coming up.
  • Namaste has a new urban, unisex line coming out with the Hip Holster and a new messenger bag. You can see them here.
  • Elsebeth Lavold is bringing out Silky Wool in an aran-weight. The colors are gorgeous.

The biggest splash at TNNA this year was made by Ysolda Teague. She had a block of four booths in which she created a parlor with tables, chairs and a sofa. She was there to promote her new book due out this fall. In her booth you could try on the sweaters and have your photo take in her photobooth. She served tea and cupcakes each day at three. It was delightful and definitely where all the cool kids were hanging out.

I'm leaving out a million things but it's all a blur at this point. The Ravelry folks did a great tumblr that is really worth checking out.

*check out Cecily's cool new sweater, Goodale. She was wearing it at the show. It's really lovely with clever construction.


Karen said...

So *that's* where the tea and cupcake trolley was going! I wondered...

Anonymous said...

You've induced some wild cravings here for Bijou Basin yak yarn and Swans Island organic merino. Would the latter company's sock yarn sell for you, if not their worsted? Given that it's organic and naturally dyed to boot, the sock yarn is nicely priced. I think it would sell well in my neck of the woods. Off to check who carries it locally,