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October 25, 2010

Start--and Finish--itis

I have been in the grips of such a mad case of startitis lately. I just want to knit every yarn in my stash now, now, NOW! This weekend I jumped into some charity knitting. I'm making 7" x 9" blocks for Warm Up America and newborn hats for Save the Children. I started with the blocks and decided to crochet just for a change of pace. The first one was kind of wonky.

For the next I tried a shell pattern.

Then a slightly fancier pattern in a yarn called Red Barn Diva Ball. I got it as a freebie. It's a bizarre thing. It's six or seven strands of yarn in 10 yard lengths wound into a skein together. So you have to slowly coax each one out to work with or else make a project that calls for 10 yards of enormo-bulky yarn.

Then I did a sideways block with some handspun. It was too small so I single crocheted around the edge with some Sheep 2 from the sadly defunct Sheep Shop.

Then I bought a really big hook and used some Dale of Norway Ara to make this one in about 30 minutes.

Then I decided to see if I could crochet a hat. It turns out I can. And with a giant yarn and a big hook (10mm) it only took an hour or so to make. I didn't know how to taper it in properly (I started at the crown) so I just switched to a smaller hook for the last few rounds.

And lastly I whipped up a sweet newborn hat in some Louet Eastport Alpaca.

I used this pattern which I thought gave it a little interest but kept it nice and simple to knit.

After this frenzy I went into my stash and started rummaging through my handspun. I have so much yarn and I love it all. I want to cast on for another dozen projects right now!


quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

think it must me seasonal. Seasonal startitis disorder? ssd:)?

Thérèse said...

You definitely had a bee in your bonnet. Love the gray and yellow hat!

Barbara said...

Whatever it is (good call, martha) I've got it too. I spent Sunday afternoon hauling yarns, patterns, and needles down into my basement stash area to keep from casting on more, more, more, more, MORE! Maybe it's caused by the onset of dreary skies, rain, high winds and cold temps. Brrr.