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November 16, 2010

Cowl Craze Continues

I can't stop knitting cowls! They are so fast, so satisfying, so excellent for using up random stash skeins. I finished another one over the weekend. I didn't take a picture yet but I thought you are probably all pretty sick of the endless cowl parade by now. But if you have little time and/or money and need to knit a gift, make a cowl!

In other knitting news I'm still working on Celaeno. I have about 10 rows left but they are heavily beaded. I'm so sick of the beads. While I was at my retreat I started a Faberge Cowl with some ancient stash yarn. I couldn't find the 5/0 beads the pattern called for and thought I could get by with 6/0. After knitting half a round and practically shredding my yarn with every bead placement I pulled it off the needles and tore it out. A few nights ago I ended up on the Earth Faire site and bought a kit for this necklace by Sivia Harding (Sivia was wearing one when she visited the Seattle Knitters Guild earlier this year and we all loved it) and threw some 5/0 beads in my cart too. I may need to take a long break from beads after this.

Also frogged, my green garter yoke sweater. It was ill-conceived and wasn't working. I was in denial. I'm going to start again soon.

This week I also cast on an Ishbel. Check out how many Ishbels have been knit by Ravelers! And did you see that Ravelry has reached 1,000,000 members? It's so amazing.


Gina said...

You are a cowl crazy!

Anonymous said...

I started with knitting a simple cowl some weeks ago, and found this amazing pattern for a cowl sweater from Sweater Babe. I just started on the pattern this past weekend using swish bulky yarn from Knit Picks. I understand the cowl craze.

GinkgoKnits said...

I wish I liked to wear cowls because there are so many good ones. Instead I knit hats, which I also don't need in San Francisco but for which I can more easily find recipients. I think I've knit 10-12 hats since August using up those single skeins that are too nice to sit in the stash forever.

Tara said...

I know I am late to the comments, but I have knit three in the last month. And I still think I need more of them! I need to make another hat instead but I just keep thinking COWL!