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December 30, 2010

Gnomes! On My Head!

Pattern: My own inspired by this sweater
Yarn: St-Denis Nordique
Needles: US3 and 4
Notes: I fell in love with the gnome sweater and created this hat to act as a swatch for a sweater of my own. Now that I've done the hat I may have worked the gnomes out of my system. I created my own chart that is 10 stitches wide and fit around my hat 13 times. There are a few rounds with three colors. One of them all three colors are evenly spread out so I knit it holding all three yarns and didn't worry about trapping floats. The others I knit with just two colors and later duplicate stitched the single rogue stitch per repeat with the background color. I also duplicate stitched the eyes. I would start the gnomes sooner if I were to make this again. They are too close to the decreases and the tops of their hats get a bit lost. I would also add some small motif round above and below the gnomes. All in all a very fast and fun project.


Meg said...

OMG...seriously love this! Great hat!!

toni in florida said...

Adorable! What a terrific hat to wear in 2011. Hope it's your best year ever!

toni in florida said...

... What I meant to say was "Hope it's your best year yet", as obviously I don't want all the ones that follow to be worse than 2011. Sigh. (let's hope that's my last logic error for 2010. probably not, as there are still 14 hrs left in 2010 here in florida. ah, well, here's to a better year for us all!)

LeAnn said...

I love it! I would definitely have to wear this out in public with my teenager who would roll her eyes and say I was too old to wear something like that...hehehe...

My motto this year is, "When you're 40+, you get to wear whatever you want!"