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December 10, 2010

Tome for the Holidays

For Hanukkah Wes and I got one another terrific books. I received The New Biographical Dictionary of Film: Fifth Edition, Completely Updated and Expanded. It is a massive encyclopedia of people involved in all aspect of film. It's not a cover-to-cover read but a pick-up-at-random-flip-to-a-page kind of deal. Opening it for the first time sent me back to my childhood when I would peruse the encyclopedia. Yes, I was a nerd. What of it?

I got Wes 40: A Doonesbury Retrospective. It's an abridged look at 4o years of Doonesbury. It's titanic. It weighs ten pounds.

All this book love reminds me of another great book for gift giving, Lane Smith's It's a Book.

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Holly said...

d'oh! They removed the punchline at the end! Wimpy wimp animators!