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January 7, 2011


Today I arrived in Forks, Washington. Contrary to what Wes has been saying on Twitter I am not attending a Twilight conference. I am attending a spinning retreat with Judith MacKenzie on e-spinners. The town of Forks is a hoot with all the Twilight-themed merchandise and tours. Even on this rainy winter weekday there are people having their photos snapped in front of signs and buildings. The B&B where we are staying as been designated the Cullen house and their is Twilight-ianna everywhere. Must get to bed. Lots of spinning tomorrow!

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Wes said...

Team Jacob!

Terri said...


Jennifer said...

Very jealous you are staying in the Cullen house. ;)

Meg said...

Riiight..."spinning." I agree with Wes...Team Jacob! Edward is waaayyy to clinging. He would leave a girl no time to knit! Hope it was fun!