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February 16, 2011

Waving Farewell in Giant Sleeves

So this cardigan's sleeves...
I ripped them out. I reknit them with many more decreases until I was ready to knit the deep garter cuff I envisioned. I know that garter is wider than stockinette so I worked several decreases into the cuff. I finished one last night. Enormous. When will this sweater ever end? Now I have it in my bag for Madrona along with some needles that are 1-2 sizes smaller and a new decrease plan.

I am heading to Madrona this morning and then straight on vacation. Blogging my be halted until I return.

1 comment:

KnittingInMind said...

I will look for you and those enormous sleeves. I'll try not to laugh; I've been there many times.