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May 19, 2011

Thursdays are for What the Hell is This?

I've gone to the New Shimmer well once before but sometimes these things come around again.

It's a cardigan!
It's a pup tent!
It's a cardigan and a pup tent!


Gina said...

Horrid! Hideous!

B. said...

Presumably one size fits all?

akabini said...

Boy asks: "Is it Eco-housing?"

Jeanne said...

This is what happens when the knitwear designer drops her pattern binder, the patterns get mixed up, and she adds the sleeves from a child's sweater to the torso of a plus-size shrug, then puts it on a Size Zero model.

Amy said...

It might look okay if she put her arms down. But who knows?

Peyton said...

Or Jeanne, maybe she ran out of ideas, and so she put a bunch of patterns in a blender and randomly pulled stuff out. Depends, does it have a name like Cardishrutent?