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June 26, 2011

Super Seattle Sunday

We really took advantage of one of the first nice weekend days this year. This morning we headed to the Ballard Farmer's Market where we got fresh produce to make pickles (beets and radishes), a baguette and some cheese curds. We also stopped to listen to Caspar Babypants.

It's Chris Bellew of The Presidents of the United States and you can find him many Sundays busking at the market. He's fairly awesome. There were a lot of toddlers rocking out to his music. My favorite was when he played Nirvana's "Grandma Take Me Home" which was suddenly really different in the performing-for-children context.

We spent some time exploring Ballard and I got City Walks: Seattle 50 Adventures on Foot. When we got home I found this note of the Phinney Ridge walk.

Knitters should stop by well-stocked The Fiber Gallery, an inviting yarn store.

We're famous!

We decided to walk over to Woodland Park to throw a frisbee around and then, once we were there, went to the zoo. For once I made the kids go see the animals I wanted to see. Older Son spent much of the time trying to act too cool for the zoo but Younger Son had a lot of questions about the animals. We had planned on dinner at home but instead just rolled down Fremont Ave and had a delicious, though enormous, dinner at Uneeda Burger. Then we waddled home.

We are all completely exhausted but what a great day.


Barbara said...

What a lovely day you all had! It rivals my weekend of kite flying, grand-chicken meeting, lunch with son & daughter-in-law, and a movie on the patio of a local brewery. Aren't weekends grand? Especially when it finally stops raining.

Anonymous said...

Well, here's my idea of a perfect day:

1. visit the dingos at the zoo. How I love the dingos.

2. Then go to The Fiber Gallery and spend lots.

Music is optional.