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June 16, 2011

Thursdays are for What the Hell is This?

After being together now for over 20 years I hope Wes is happy that when I looked at these "boot" I thought, "Is this what girls wear on Hoth?"*

And when they're wrists get chilly riding around on a tauntaun.

*Full disclosure, I did still have to Google for "tauntaun empire strikes back" to find the name of the planet.


Anonymous said...

I knew the name of Hoth, but couldn't have spelled tauntaun to save my life. Who's the bigger geek in this situation? Does it matter? WWLD? (What Would Leia Do?)

Rebecca said...

That's hilarious! I was going to make the same comment. :) And how to do walk in those boots?

Wes said...

"That's 'Tatooine'..."

Tina said...

I dunno, those look like old-timey braces for if you break your foot or wrist... not exactly wearable fashion!

Laura Sue said...

Is it wrong that I love it when Wes comments?

toni in florida said...

they look like a baby tauntaun** was playing with them. what a total waste of yarn.

** i wonder if baby tauntauns are cute, like baby opossums are. of course, there's the "then they grow up" thing. not so cute anymore, are they?