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August 19, 2011

On Becoming Hexagonal

I began my hexapuff odyssey. My first attempt knit using the magic loop with an Addi Lace needle resulted in a...hexagon?

Decidedly not.

Next attempt was on four double pointed needles.

Still too squat and lopsided.

Tried knitting two plain rounds before starting increases using just three double points.

Hexagon. Phew.

And puffy!

Daffodil still needs another inch on the body. Close to finishing but it feels like it's dragging on and on.


Unknown said...

Love the color combo you are using for Daffodil

Jennifer said...

Your Daffodil looks great! Beautiful colors. I bought the yarn for mine on Saturday and cast it on same day!

Knitika said...

I'm about to jump into the hexipuff madness. Why are they so seductive to knitters?

Sarah said...

I love watching the HexiPuffPandemic spread!

Hiral said...

I am a new knitter and would love to learn how to knit a hexipuff....please can you give me the exact pattern instructions....if not on here then email me please: acharyahiral@hotmail.co.uk
Thank you.