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August 14, 2011

Resistance, Futile, Etc.

I haven't had much to blog lately as I'm just plugging away, slowly, on my Daffodil. I'm using Cascade 220 Sport and it feels as though it's taking me an inordinately long time to knit. But Cascade 220 Sport on 3s is much, much slower than Cascade 220 on 6s. Also I'm knitting this back and forth instead of in the round which seems to double my knitting time. Oh, and I'm in the really boring part.

Taken with my phone so the colors are really inaccurate.

Anyway, when the Beekeeper's Quilt pattern came out I saw it and thought, "What a ridiculous pattern." That has morphed over a week or two into, "My goodness, that looks like so much fun and I love scrappy projects that use up all my tiny bits of yarn." So I just bought the pattern. I haven't even knit my first "hexapuff" yet but I'm already really excited.


Barbara said...

I'd love to see your whole Daffodil. It looks pretty. Can't see making the Beekeeper's Quilt, too many fussy little pieces.

Liz T. said...

Blast you, Jessica, I just had to go check out the beekeeper's quilt patt on ravelry and ended up buying it! :) Just what I need. I haven't knit anything in over a year. I hope I still have that koigu in my stash... can't remember the last time I actually bought yarn.

Florence said...

I like the sweater pattern and I like the colors you chose. The Bee Keeper's Quilt is lovely but I don't think I could make that. The puffs looks so tiny.

alpaca.rae said...

I just bought the beekeeper's quilt pattern too! I love the idea of using up my scrap for something beautiful and unique and useful. I'm shortly to start logging my own progress on my new blog: alpacasandanalogies.wordpress.com